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Bien Air Lige Håndstykke PM 1:2 1600436-001

14.852,91 DKK


Bien Air Lige Håndstykke PM 1:2

REF : 1600436-001

  • External spray
  • Sleeve with irrigation tube locking ring
  • Compatible with Micro-Series micromotors
  • Without light

Technical Data

Type Straight handpiece
Transmission ratio 1:2
Speed range 200-80,000 rpm
External irrigation On detachable sleeve
Detachable sleeves With irrigation tube, supplied with each instrument and Bur Guard sterile sleeve
Coupling Type E as per ISO 3964
Locking system Locking ring
Bur dimension ø 2.35 mm / type 2, as per ISO 1797
Cleaning / sterilisation Thermo Washer Disinfectable/Steam autoclave up to 135 °C
Warranty 1 year
Accessories Sleeve with irrigation hose 1501318-001
Bur guard sterile sleeve 1501317-100

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